Home is the place where the heart should be. There are many homes that look worn-down and forgotten about. This is mainly because too many people don’t take the time to bring out the true potential in their homes. For this very reason, it is important to consider redecorating.

1. New Look
Once you’ve been in your home for a few years, the “new car smell” of a home tends to wear off. If you’d like to still maintain a level of newness in your home, consider redecorating. It can breathe new life into an older space and make it feel as good as new.

2. Inspiration
If you’re someone who prides yourself on being a creative soul, your living space can make a major difference in how you experience life and how productive and/or creative you are. Living in a space that inspires you can do so much for your level of creativity and productivity. 

3. Interest
It’s always interesting to choose items that add depth and dimension to a space. If you sit in a room that’s been decorated well, it’s easy to sit for hours while reexamining all of the interesting pieces in a room. It’s also easy to sit and appreciate the viewpoint of the decorator and their distinct eye.

4. Developing Community
Jacksons Home & Garden said, “People love to commune in beautifully inspired places.” Creating a home that’s not only lived, but enjoyable is just wonderful. Good hospitality is becoming a lost art. In order to increase it and allow your friends and family to enjoy a beautiful space, consider redecorating your home decor.

5. Upgrade
Over a period of time, it’s easy for the home furniture to become worn down. This is especially true if a family has children or pets. Don’t wait until it’s time to be an empty-nester like so many others do. While couches, carpet and paint on the walls may seem like they can last forever, they don’t. A person would be shocked to see how much of a difference a new coat of paint can make to a room. The same can be said for the concept of swapping out the carpet for hardwood flooring.

6. Purging
Before anyone can effectively redecorate, it’s important to eliminate clutter and get rid of unnecessary junk. It doesn’t make sense to redecorate on top of a place that’s potentially junky. Between junk mail, old papers, books and miscellaneous items, things can pile up in a home and leave it cluttered. Decluttering does so much for simplifying a space. Once a home is visually simplified, it’s much easier to relax and enjoy it.

7. New Designers
Many entrepreneurs admit that one of the best ways to experience long-term success is to collaborate with others. Collaborating with others can expand the vision and make it better. The same concept can be applied to a home redecorating project. Consider creating a mood board for each project and consulting a new designer every few years. Working with different designers over an extended period of time will help breathe new life into a space and keep things interesting and spontaneous.

8. Home Value Increase
When a person is diligent about redecorating their home, it’s safe to say the same is said for their home upkeep. Keeping things in good condition and upgrade different areas as needed are perfect ways to increase the value of a home. As the redecoration projects of the home evolve, the home will need to do the same. Stainless steel appliances will eventually go out of style. Granite countertops are already becoming a thing of the past. As styles change, the redecoration projects will reflect that as well.

9. Recreating Space
Even though redecorating projects usually begin one way in the development stages, they normally evolve and change as the project continues. As they evolve, it may become more apparent that a specific space can serve a different purpose or dual purposes. Redecorating projects have the potential to morph into remodeling projects. When a new room can get created or there’s space for a half or full bathroom in an area, this increases the overall value of the home. There’s so much potential for growth when a homeowner begins to really look for it.

There are so many benefits to redecorating and home decor. Not only is it healthy to get used to change, it’s also nice to live in a space that’s inspiring and lovely to dwell in. While this may seem like an added expense, it truly will make a major difference in a family’s quality of life and experiences within the place they all call home.