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Magnificent 101 SAGE Leaf Large Glass Candle

$39 $59

Color: White
Item Weight: 0.88 Pounds
Shape: Round
Operating Time: 24 Hours
Material: Glass
Scent: Sage
Specific Uses: Aromatherapy
Container Material: Glass
Occasion: Home

Get rid of toxic energy: Powerful and sacred sage leaf will create a natural harmony in the mind and body while providing aromatherapy throughout the home
Good vibes only: Light a candle and begin by cleansing your mind and space of bad energies that are holding you back. It’s a good idea to leave a window or door open to let this powerful candle work its magic and remove the negative vibes from your home
Set your intentions: Relaxing and letting go of negative thoughts in a meditative candle ritual can bring balance to your body, mind and spirit, while increasing space in your mind to manifest love and desired outcomes
Embrace healing: Unique blend of oils and herbs will provide an aromatherapeutic essence to your home, paving a path for healing and mental clarity
Gifts of Spirit: Love, light, and good energy go into every candle made by Magnificent 101. For home cleansing, reducing stress, or setting intentions, there’s a perfect candle for every loved one in your life

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