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Peony Flower Wall Sticker


Environmentally friendly materials: use with confidence
Waterproof, high color fastness and no warping
Moth-proof, mildew-proof, moisture-proof, anti-fouling
Washable and detachable: wipe clean with a damp cloth/water, easy to remove
Very suitable for toilet door/wall decoration, easy to apply to any smooth surface

Self-adhesive characteristics: The bottom glue is removable, leaving no glue stains when removed, and will not create any impression on most of the walls when it is torn. Due to the large difference in humidity between the wall and the environment, it is recommended that parents gently peel off the corner of the wall when tearing it off. If there is no problem, please tear it off slowly and take it off. If the wall paint can be removed, please assist the hair dryer to remove it after heating
Viscosity characteristics:-The wallpaper has a texture, which will affect the durability of the paste. It is recommended to use ordinary tape to try on the surface of the wallpaper. If the tape is durable, there is no problem with the wall sticker

1. Make sure the surface is smooth and don’t stick to rough or uneven surfaces
2. Choose the place you want to apply, wipe off the dust and grease, and keep it dry and clean
3. Paste according to the picture, or DIY according to your own ideas
4. Tear off the paper, then stick it on the wall, spread it from the middle to the left and right

Product information:
Process: spray
Size: 60*40CM
Material characteristics: PVC material

Packing list:


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